Dahyun Choi

Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Politics
Princeton University

Hello! I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Politics at Princeton University, where I am affiliated with the Data-Driven Social Science Initiative and the Program for Quantitative and Analytical Political Science. I work on questions in interest group politics, lobbying, regulation, climate change, and American political institutions, using methods from computational social science and applied statistics. I also develop methodological tools to improve machine learning practices in political science.

Working Papers

Teaming Up Across Political Divides: Evidence from Climate Regulations

(Previously titled "Teaming up with the Enemy: Firms and the Information Environment of Climate Regulations."). Under Review.

[ | paper | ]

Quantifying Informative Signals from Political Texts

(with Brandon Stewart and Denis Peskov). Under Review.

[ | ]

Learning from Noise: Applying Sample Complexity for Political Science Research

(with Perry Carter)

[ | paper | ]

Scientification of Politics? Interest Group Influence on Bureaucratic Expertise in Climate Change

[ ]

Investing in Team Efforts: When Agents with Contrasting Preferences Collaborate

[ ]

How Interest Groups Strategically Take Advantage of Voter's Rational Inattention

[ ]

A Measure of Charisma

(with Rocio Titiunik, Francesca Tang and Christian Baehr)


Preceptor, POL 574 Quantitative Method IV

[ ]

Preceptor, POL 345 Quantitative Social Science

[ ]

Preceptor, POL 245 Visualizing Data

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